tipar croitorie

Achieving patterns in fashion and tailoring is an important process before the actual production begins. Patterns and templates are part of the technical documentation, setting out important aspects such as shapes, sizes and product details. Typically, the patterns are made on paper and are graphic designs that take into account the body size and fashion pattern. Typical operations are a complicated process and require highly skilled work.

Grading patterns is the production, based on the basic pattern, of the entire set of specific pattern sizes. Grading is the process of increasing or decreasing a base pattern on different sizes. The grading rules determine how the base pattern will be graded to create different size groups, by the radial method and by the group.

TAF Romania is the workshop where you can come up with the sketch and go with the pattern

The pattern manages better than anything else the transformation of ideas transposed by drawing into unique products. The technical team and complex equipment, which includes state-of-the-art equipment, can ensure the production of fashion collections according to the current requirements.