TAF ROMANIA The factory is equipped with modern machinery, allowing for a great variety of garments to be made through different manufacturing methods that determine a high quality level:

  •  single needle lock stitch machines;
  • twin needle stitch machines;
  • triple stitch over-locks;
  • four stitch over-locks;
  • five stitch over-locks;
  • waistband machines;
  • belt loop machines;
  • french stitch machines;
  • bar tacking machines;
  • button-holing machines;
  • button attaching machines;
  • manual and hydraulic button pressing machines;
  • different other devices and accessories.

The product offer is broad and diverse, including garments for women, men and children alike. The garments we manufacture have usages in daily activities and work activities also. Jeans, suit jackets, tunics, shirts, blouses, vests, skirts, dresses, pants, coats, jackets, work uniforms, sports, protective work-wear, special usage work-wear and military clothing are just some of the products from our offer.